From my haunted past comes a daunting task.
Ashley. 20. Baltimore.

Slowly making a turn around.
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April 23rd
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April 23rd
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April 23rd



Hate not being able to remove annoying self promo captions people add to other peoples pictures on the mobile app

For real.

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April 23rd




A Tibetan Monk blesses the deer that gather around him and someone snaps a picture. Upon viewing the picture they notice a rainbow had appeared.

pretty sure this is the happiest picture I’ve seen in a long time

magic is real

I like how much this matters
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April 23rd
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April 23rd


My idea of an alien abduction happening at a cabin in the woods. My newest addition, but probably my favorite yet. This was done at the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention in Nashville, TN. By Chris Wednesday of Brooklyn, NY. 

Cute ♥
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April 23rd